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Are you tired of loosing your money daily on bets and online sports?

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Guaranteed Daily Win

Get free 100% sure betting tips for selected matches and fixed games.

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VIP Tips

We offer affordable subscriptions
for VIP football match predictions.

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About Us

where do we get our tips from?


At the moment has 9 active informants, work with which is adjusted. people from whom we buy information(tips) are time-tested and we can confidently state that....

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why we are worth your trust

Our Trust

Yes, the internet is really full of scammers, to find such private information(tips) from an honest seller is almost impossible. we do not recommend you cooperating us with third-party resources....

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Our Mission


We are a team of over 20 people dedicated to helping people make money from sports betting. The most important thing for us is that you get our service as quickly as possible and in the least amount of time you can earn over £1,000 every month from sports bets. Quick, simple and easy.......

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Our Story


After gaining the necessary information, experience, and contacts in the field of betting, we decided it was time to share them with more people, especially......

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Our service


Our service consists of several subscriptions, the main purpose of which is financial gain in the long run. To this end, our team provides customers with subscriptions, sports (value) fixed predictions, tracking and analyzing the results of our employees and through a tool aimed at improving them, text guides (training) on the concept of value bets and access to a closed group of like-minded people in which we share experiences, ideas, guidelines, and other good investments, etc.

Comments From Our VIP Members


VIP Member

I’ve been using thebettingtips4u paid subscription premium for a few months now. The team is very good and helpful, even in difficult times they are focused on helping their customers and not just leaving them. I can’t think of a service with better support than this, and believe me in this service support is 90% of your success. I mean in less than 6 weeks I went from a 70$ bank to a 850$ bank. And if I combine all the effort I put in, that’s probably less than 24 hours, which is crazy. If you want a sustainable income that won’t use a lot of your time during the day – try it, test it and you’ll see the benefits.


VIP Member

I’ve been using the service for about 8-9 months, found it by accident on reddit.For. In that time I’ve made about 4x my initial investment, which is a crazy amount of profit considering the short amount of time.The team is very helpful and responds pretty quickly.Great service overall and I highly recommend it.


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